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K1CRA DMOUNT2 "Stick" Antenna Dipole Mount - Heavy Duty

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Product Code: K1DMOUNT2

K1CRA's Exclusive DMOUNT2 - for 3/8" HF Stick Antennas and 102" Whips
Turns two 3/8" x 24 Thread Mount Antennas into either a Horizontal or Vertical dipole!
Accepts up to 1-1/8" Mast!

Following in the footsteps of the famous Workman RVD 3/8" dual antenna mounts, we've improved on the design to simplify AND to accommodate larger masts. Our new designs offer more flexibility in mounting and eliminates a weakness with the RVD whereby it's own hardware prevents mounting on "regular" size supports.

The all new, K1CRA DMOUNT's are by far the best dipole mounts on the market. Rugged and perfect for use in permanent or portable installations, they mate perfectly with our own 21' telescoping mast, wooden dowels, conduit and most tower leg stand-off mounts.

As with the RVD mount, you can use these simple mount brackets to turn two HF stick antennas into a rotatable horizontal or vertical dipole!

Each come with (1) SO-239 to 3/8" Stud Mount for the driven element and (1) 3/8" Stud Mount for the counter-poise element.

The UHF Female connector allows for direct coax connection with a PL-259 and the mounting bracket provides secure grip on pipe or mast up to 1 1/8" thick.

We offer several versions for both temporary and permanent mount.  And, our new DMOUNT3 and DMOUNT4 provide even better electrical performance with isolated connections.

The DMOUNT1 is the lightest and simplest to use. It also keeps the ground plane counterpoise whip more inline with the driven element. Recommended for quick, portable operation, it works equally well in permanent installations. Simply screw on your PL-259 equipped coax, then attach to your mast. Then screw on your two stick antennas to complete assembly.  Rotate the mounting plate for either vertical or horizontal configurations.

The DMOUNT2 is heavier and a bit more rugged. It provides a more room to work with around the fittings but does move the counter-poise to the opposite side of the support mast.

You can also use DMOUNT's with 102 inch stainless whips! This creates a FULL SIZE 10/11 meter dipole and, with a tuner creates an all-band rotating dipole!
Aluminum "L" Bracket x 2 2" Zinc Bolts with Lock Washer and Nut SO-239 (Female UHF) Connector 3/8" x 24 Thread (Female) Driven Element Connection 3/8" x 24 Thread (Female) Grounded Counter Poise Connection

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