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Davis RF 9914F Bury-Flex Low Loss Coaxial Cable - 500 Feet
Davis RF 9914F Bury-Flex Low Loss Coaxial Cable

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Sold in lengths of 500 feet. For Shorter Lengths, see listing below.

Bury-FLEX™ is Low-Loss Flexible 50 Ohm coax designed for use from HF through UHF bands. Bury-FLEX™ is flexible enough to be used on rotator loops, yet durable enough to stand up to the harshest of environments and is ideal for direct burial applications.

A Davis RF Design BURY-FLEX (TM) was designed by Steve Davis, FCC Licensed K1PEK, one of the principals of DAVIS RF Co. This cable was developed to accomplish several application needs: 1) to be competitive in durability, flexibility, and attenuation specs to LMR 400, Belden 9913, 9914, and 9913F (flex), 2) to be TRULY buriable and flexible for rotator loops, and 3) to serve HF through microwave.

The results have proven that these goals and quality standards have been met. BURY-FLEX is a 50 ohm cable with double shield yielding 100% shield coverage, consisting of a 97% braid shield which is tinned for ease of soldering and corrosion protection, PLUS a bonded foil shield for added moisture protection. The velocity factor is 82%. With a loss factor of 2.8 dB/100 ft @ 400 MHz, it is quite competitive with 9913 and LMR 400 (the latter which requires expensive connectors). BURY-FLEX uses standard PL-259's or the standard N connector, available from us.

Quite important is the fact that this cable uses a PE (Polyethylene) outer jacket which is highly abrasion resistant, as compared to PVC which is not nearly as durable. This product is direct-buriable and PE (polyethylene) is non-contaminating to its dielectric or to other cables it is bundled with. PLEASE NOTE: You should use this product for its various advantages even if you do not need to bury it as the low cost, is well worth all of the other benefits alone.

Commercial entities are pleased with its tough, highly durable, outer jacket and many hams lay this cable in grass and woods without worry of abrasion or animal gnawing. We can provide custom lengths with or without PL-259 and Type N connectors.

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  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Capacitance: 24.6 pF/FT
  • Velocity: 82% nom.
  • Attenuation dB/100 FT
  • 10 MHz .6
  • 50 MHz 1.1
  • 100 MHz 1.5
  • 200 MHz 2.0
  • 400 MHz 2.8
  • 700 MHz 3.9
  • 900 MHz 4.4
  • 1000 MHz 4.8
  • Conductor: 9.5 AWG Stranded, Bare Copper
  • Dielectric: Foamed PE
  • Shield 1: Bonded Foil (100% Coverage).
  • Shield 2: Tinned Copper Braid (97% Coverage)
  • Jacket: UV Resistant PE
  • .405" nom OD
  • Cable Weight: .1 lbs/ft nom.
  • Bend Radius: 2" min.
  • Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor and Direct Burial Applications.

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